The flexible, all-in-one solution for service businesses

Handle job costing, manage cash flow, and track clients—all with cloud access* that lets you work from anywhere.

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Unique business models call for unique solutions

QuickBooks Enterprise offers service businesses like yours a simple way to manage project estimates, billing, payments, and accounting functions.

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Maximize profits with accurate project costing

Enterprise comes with project-costing features specifically designed to help professional service firms track projections to actual results. You can track expenses in real time and react quickly if they run higher than expected. Accurate data will help you maintain and improve project profits.

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Time tracking made easy

QuickBooks Time Elite* lets employees keep track of time spent on a particular project, from anywhere. Best of all, the data rolls up into project costing reports and payroll in QuickBooks, reducing manual work and double data entry. You'll be able to save time and deliver work to plan.

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Pay employees with ease

With QuickBooks Payroll,* you can quickly pay employees and contractors right from QuickBooks with printed checks, direct deposit (included)*, or both. Utilize project costing, class and item tracking data for accurate paychecks. And with Assisted Payroll*, we manage your payroll taxes and filings for you—guaranteed on-time and accurate.*

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Get powerful business insights

Get the information you need with customizable reports bundled for professional services, or create your own with Advanced Reporting.* Drill down into account details to analyze missed revenue opportunities and identify your most profitable clients and team members.

170,000 companies rely on QuickBooks Enterprise*

“Through project costing, we can isolate one customer. Here’s their income. Here’s their expenses, and we can figure out how much actual profit we’re making, which is truly remarkable in a service-based industry.”

Joseph Cole, Business Development & Marketing Foliage Services

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Run your business from anywhere. Get Enterprise with cloud access.* Call 800-450-8469

Give your service business a customizable, all-in-one solution


Bill and PO workflow approvals*

Use customizable business templates to help save time on your repeatable purchase order and bill workflow approvals. One dashboard lets you manage cash flow, boost transparency, and help protect against fraud with a digital audit trail for each transaction. And employees get timely reminders so they don't miss an approval deadline.

Know where your business stands

Powerful and accurate project costing

With up-to-the-minute project information, you can react quickly when costs cut into your margins. Track estimated costs and actual costs, and strategically plan for future projects. Easily attach digital timesheet entries to projects, and assign different hourly rates as appropriate.


Keep customers organized and projects profitable

Track project progress and completion percentage

At any point in time, service businesses can zero in on the progress and profitability levels of a particular project. Now you can instantly determine if the engagement is scheduled to finish on time and if costs are expected to meet, exceed, or fall below forecasted budgets.

Track project progress

Key reports tailored for service-based businesses

Project costs detail

Use several key tools previously reserved for accountants for easier, more accurate cost accounting, like using prior account balances to locate discrepancies.

Project costs detail

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Now available: QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 23.0