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Create professional estimates

Give customers the info they need with QuickBooks.

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Personalize estimates and make the right impression

Create estimates

Design professional estimates that include discounts, product stock keeping units, payment terms, and other line items. Instantly email an estimate to a customer or let them accept and sign right on your mobile device.
Create professional estimates

Easily customize estimates

Use a fully-customizable estimate template to create personalized, professional estimates that reflect your small business. Adjust the layout, add your logo, include a personal message, or add custom fields for tracking and reporting within minutes.

Customize invoices to reflect your small business's brand

Convert estimates to invoices

Automatically turn accepted new estimates into invoices with QuickBooks. You choose when to invoice your customers and we’ll keep track of everything so you don’t have to.

Convert estimates right into invoices when your customer accepts them

Payment made easy

Enable online payments to add a button on invoices that lets your customers pay instantly online. We’ll process payments, track transactions, and transfer funds to your bank account.

Email invoices to customers and let them pay online to make getting paid easy

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Flexible QuickBooks Online plans for your business

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Add-on Payroll – 50% off


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